zondag 4 juli 2010

Big News - Jean School pilot starts in January 2011

In close conjunction with the ROCvA (Amsterdam's regional education council) we will be starting a pilot of Jean School, the House of Denim's crafts education program.

Plans for the 10-week pilot programme will be developed in September; we will be posting the draft plans on slideshare. All industry experts are invited to contribute their ideas.

More information will be posted soon - as well as more news about the other three parts of House of Denim: the Lab, Archive and Network.

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  1. Hi James,

    Thanks for providing us with all that information and passion about denim and the sustainibility of knowledge around it that you're trying to create through the Denim House project.
    I would like to have more information on your program and registration conditions. I'm a bit confused as I I have no mail address to write you and have to write my enquiry here: but it's for denim's sake!

    I've written to people who are trying to provide some learning programms around denim and Rinze Koopmans gave me your details.
    What I wrote to him was the following and I would like to share it with you:


    I would like to have more information about your programm: where does it take place? When? Who: what kind of people are going to lead the seminars? How much: Do you have a price bracket for this program? What are the conditions that I should fill to take it on?

    Who am I?
    I am a young worker who entered the denim world one year ago through an internship at Levi's Europe within the merchandising women's team. I have there got to know more the design, development processes of denim, costing and selling of it as well as styles and finishes.
    I would love to continue learning more on the topic and become an expert of it.
    I studied business management for 5 years and practiced painting, photography, guitar and sewing as hobbies.
    Now I am convinced that I will continue working for the denim industry and would like to integrate a dynamic learning curve into my life.
    Your program might be one ingredient of the latest.

    I have enclosed my resume for more details on my professional experience.

    Hope to hearing from you soon,


    mail: anthea.missy@gmail.com
    gsm: +32 476 75 80 49
    skype: antheamissy "

    I have also enclosed my resume in case he would be interested about my professional qualifications and you can dowload it via the following address:


    A part of his answer of as follow:
    "Dear Anthea,

    I have to disappoint you.

    For the time being I am so busy with other assignments that I had to reduce de Denim University activities to zero.

    I will, time permitting, adjust my website.

    Denim is a very interesting subject and I can only congratulate you with your interest.

    I know, from talking to various people in the field, that young people with good insight in the technicalities and possibilities of “denim” are in short supply.

    I could recommend you to contact “House of Denim”, which is a relatively new organization that organizes classes and workshops.


    So here I am with the same questions and interests.

    Can you help me on that?
    If yes please feel free to reply either here or through my direct mail anthea.missy@gmail.com

    With kind regards,