zondag 18 juli 2010

House of Denim Project 'Spread the Word' Handkerchief

The House of Denim is based on a love of denim and a shared sense of responsibility. This means that personal commitment and enthusiasm are crucial to success.

Especially since we've decided to go for the full 4-element set up, it could be seen as quite an ambitious project. All in all, we're going to need the support of pretty much every brand in the market, as well as believers in government, trade, education and the science community.

To make this happen, the wonderful designers over at AnotherCompany (check out their work!) have designed a fantastic 'storytelling tool'.

It's a dark indigo coloured handkerchief, snugly folded between two tough cardboard covers and featuring a personal note from me, telling the story of our project.

I'm hand-delivering it to all the denim industry bigwigs, mayors and players behind the scenes I know, asking them to spread the word.

Please send me suggestions of people you think should be receiving one of our 'Story Handkerchiefs'. We made 200 of them, so they're very exclusive.

In future, we intend to make new series in different colours, to use as sponsor sales merchandise. For now though, it's to leave behind after personally conveying our story.

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    Hope this is ok for you:

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